The Pegasus-Paradise

Genesis 3.0 - A new Creation Myth from our Future

A Science Fiction Novel by Gabriele Breucha & Anselm Keussen

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Preface - following the Apple's Scent

Dear Readers
and Co-Travellers of the Outer and Inner Realms,

welcome to The Pegasus-Paradise!

Say, did you, as a child in religion classes or Bible School, also have these returning questions about Eve and Adam and their banishment from Paradise?
Questions like:
"How can eating a fruit - with or without 'making love' - so enrage the Biblical God that he actually throws his own children out of the 'Garden of Eden'?"
And: "Is it possible that something has been confused here - perhaps with the guilt patterns from all those ever repeated Cain-and-Abel-dramas of all nations and ages?"
And later on maybe:
"How should we handle our Paradise - both in the myth in the Bible, but also in today's global reality - in order to preserve this Planetary Garden of Eden for our descendants as well as for ourselves?"

Thea and Theo, a young couple of Gods, also have to ask themselves such questions - and quite different ones still - while they are just about to start out with their family on the planet Aeon in the Pegasus-System.
Because even such 'divine families' can sometimes be troubled by problem children as well - for example, by kids with a 'Cain Complex'.
And what should their parents do in that case?
For this, keep following the Apple's Scent - and find out for yourself in the process!

Therefore, we welcome you here in Thea's and Theo's universe, who are just setting out on their adventures in this multi-dimensional space saga.
Which also takes some courage, considering the lethal Universal Shockwave that originally was caused by the 'Dark Ruler', who is called Oren the First, and by his hate- and greed-driven Ultra-Empire. . .

Then, none other than Theo himself is selected to go to the More-System - and even directly to the planet Mor, which happens to be the home world of the Dark Ruler!
An almost hopeless mission, from any point of view.
At least, Theo has become a carrier of The Key for this task, which improves his chances a bit.

How all this is connected with the - remotely Earth-like - primeval world SYS(X)Y - and what this again has to do with the 'String-Snatchers', the ultimate Nemesis in space - you best discover for yourself while reading this story.

Doing this, you can even travel to the super-world Rhea in the Flux-System, where an especially important big wedding is planned.
But suddenly, serious difficulties with the marriage ritual are turning up on Rhea.
Problems, which are interwoven with the other scenes of The Pegasus-Paradise in rather unexpected ways.
Fascinating - but where to look for solutions?

On Aeon in Pegasus

Our story begins on Aeon, a planet in the distant solar system named Pegasus. It is a beautiful place - a real family paradise, well suited for a Goddess and a God as a couple, to help with the creation of a new civilization.

Just like Shakti and Shiva of the Hindu tradition, they celebrate their loving tantric union from heart to heart, occasionally making use of some healing and inspiring psycho-active plants as well.
The divine couple is deeply and soulfully in love - and soon enough, they both have dreams at night, in which some children are playing a central role.

Eventually, the two decide to 'invite' offspring.
Some time goes by - and after a while, the Goddess gives birth to a pair of twins, Catherine and Cain, who are appearing as the first ones.
Now with Gods, all this is happening almost by itself - and so, a while later, twins turn up again:
Amanda and Abel. And only in the end Eve and Adam are born, as 'babies of the family'.

While the 'God-Kids' are still small infants and later on toddlers, their parents give them loving care.
And they also set up the 'Garden' for them. -
On this world as well, the Tree of Eternal Life and the Tree of Knowledge are both planted right in the middle of the Garden.v

And this 'Garden Eden' includes both fertile and therefore rather paradisiacal areas, but also barren - or seemingly barren - rock and desert landscapes.
Over the years, the six children are continuing to grow up, and at some point, their parents are beginning to plan the rituals of initiation into woman- and manhood for them, rituals that will also include the Two Trees in the middle of the garden.

One day, the Father-God is explaining something to the children, while he points to the Tree of Knowledge and looks especially at Cain and Adam: "As I told you before: You may eat of all the trees of the garden - but if you eat of this tree, you will die immediately!"
Saying this, he happily notices the sudden interest of his children.
Then he disappears quickly.
Yet, as soon as he has left the scene, Cain, Adam and Eve directly want to rush to this forbidden tree with all its tempting fruits!

But at that moment, the Mother-Goddess, who already knows this game, appears and asks the three of them: "Do you really let your father fool you so easily?
Because he is right!

Sure, you won't die directly and physically by tasting the Tree of Knowledge. . . but you will forget and crush your love, your soul and your heart over it. And that would bring you many thousands of years of violence, greed and war! Do you really want that?!

Therefore - what does your Dad truly mean, when these two trees are standing there - and then he goes on to say: 'If you eat from this one, you will die?'"

First, all six children are silent.

But then Amanda whispers: "Maybe the other tree?"

Now the Mother-Goddess starts smiling and asks:
"Why that?"
. . .

Gods among themselves

. . .
But at that point, the Goddess chimes in saying: "Always one step at a time and in the correct order. Because right now, we'll also stay next to the Tree of Life here."
Then she continues, almost singing:
"Breeeeakfast, all together now!" - evidently in a splendid humour that is inspired by the golden sunrays in the green leaves and sturdy branches of the trees above.

"My dear," her divine Hubby is asking her now: "Should we all have breakfast here, making a family circle on this clearing between those Two Trees, which in truth are One Tree only?"
'Pique-nique sur l'herbe' - having a meal sitting on the grass, as it will be called by a specific nation of our descendants one day. - What do you think - we haven't been cooking together for quite a while?"

"True," the Goddess agrees, "and how?"
"Anima-Anima, perhaps," replies the Father-God - and then he very slowly begins to transform into a beautiful woman, directly in front of the incredulous eyes of all six siblings - thereby changing into a radiant Goddess, who seems as luminous from within as their own mother is, but who is sporting a completely different complexion!

While the 'children' still are rubbing their eyes on this sight, they hear their Mother exclaiming: "So, on three!"
"Three, two, one - Pique-nique!," both Goddesses are singing together now, while moving their eyes and hands almost imperceptibly.

And indeed, in due time a rather 'miraculous' breakfast appears on the grass of the clearing - along with blankets and pillows - and the rays of the morning sun are spreading their green-golden fans on this appetizing collection.
"Wow!!!," some of the siblings go.
"Food magic you've done before - but where's Dad - and who are you?!"

"This also is part of the initiation into your adult life, as loving and aware beings," explains the 'Other Goddess' in an amazingly full and melodious voice.
After a while then, she decides to change back - and turns into the familiar Father-God again. All the children are palpably relieved at this.

"And now, carefully train your vision on what's happening - and remember it in your innermost soul," exhorts the father, while he is pointing towards the mother.

Now their Mom is gradually transforming into an attractive man and vibrant God - while their father turns into the 'Other Goddess' again. And while they are constantly changing like this, the two parents eventually approach each other, merge into one - and are now looking at the siblings as this New Person, whose face, posture and expression is changing all the time.

"That's really scary," exclaims little Eve, "now I got an Early Trauma! Mindblowing!"

"It's too late for that at twenty-eight," Amanda bravely tries to support her - although she's almost shaking like a leaf herself.
. . .

Now, the unified Parent-Person speaks to them directly: "We are the source of divine love that will always be with you - even if we might seem to be far away. . .
Or in case, you ever would have 'forgotten' us. -
We are a there for you - now and always!"

At the end of these last words, a deep note rings out - which feels like an all-embracing and eternal sound wave . . . a powerful note of music, that can be sensed directly - in the heart, the belly and the inner ear of the soul - rather than with the regular ears on our head.

Listening like this, all of the sisters and brothers are entering into a spontaneous deep meditation . . . As in a timeless slow motion . . .

Until a frightened Adam points with his arm:
"Gone they are . . . aahhh! Alone and abandoned in a wild garden, with wild animals - and with even wilder brothers and sisters! - Next thing, certainly one of you will drive me away from here with a 'flaming sword'!"

"I'll stay with you," Eve comments on this.
. . .

The Night of Power

. . .
Visibly moved, Oren replied: "That you actually want to do this for me - for me of all people in the cosmos?!"

But Ssel just smiled: "Oh, you know, dear Oren, that's not 'only' altruism - we really need you; you even are indispensable for this cosmic re-starting process."

Then Oren went on to stretch himself out - slowly he closed his eyes and calmed down.
Now Ssel gently placed his hands on Oren's body, as he had told him before.

After he had waited for a while, Oren began to speak in halting words - and they sounded, as if they came from far away.
Soon he talked about the perversion of all the technology that gave access to the stars - and even of the pathway between the Star-Islands - mostly in form of ultimate weapons of mass-destruction, as they had never been seen before.

"Every useful and living fire we had made into a Death Fire," he exclaimed, "so we no longer needed any viruses, bacteria or chemicals - no!
Because we had found out, how we could move and accelerate whole suns in a sub-space corridor - to destroy the huge battle-fleets of our 'enemies', in whom we always believed so strongly.

But even that was not enough for me! And so we dared to do the unimaginable.

After a long phase of coordinated research in all the Starry Islands of the Empire, we first achieved the 'feat' to convert the entire mass of a medium-sized star into Anti-Matter.

And then, utilizing sub-space propulsion again, we sent it on a collision course with the sun of the home system of our 'worst enemies' - as I always proclaimed to the troops and to myself.

Sure, it hadn't been certain beforehand that this would cause a rift in the dimensional structure and disrupt the time cascades of that area, which eventually swallowed up countless solar systems - but we had implicitly accepted that this might happen. . .
Because now - now we were rid of them, of those 'enemies'!"

"It is very good and healing that you remember all that now," Ssel reassured Oren, who was getting somewhat restless.
"What else is resurfacing in you in this context?"

"Yes," the Ruler replied, "there was this one quest that was always going on in all the nebulae and Star-Islands, the quest to gain control of the Ultimate Tool of Power - in other words, of this famed Key of Power. . ."

"Which is also known as the Key of Love," Ssel added, whose face also showed some emotions by now.

"And we didn't stop anywhere on that destructive and lethal road," Oren continued.
"First, we 'only' projected planets and suns - but later on we even abused the power-lanes of the subspace Transport-Connectors to all the Starry-Islands. . .

This was done by setting individual Black Holes - which are extremely massive celestial bodies that swallow everything, even the light - in motion against our strongest enemies via the trans-dimensional tunnels.

In the end, we even had subspace-operated Serial Black Hole Slingshots, the nemesis of the Infiniverse!"

During those words, Oren finally began to cry - if in a rather restrained way.

Through the tears he was fighting, he continued: "And then, I always had these recurring dreams - in which I'm climbing the staircase at home . . ."

Hearing this theme again, Ssel followed a sudden inspiration and proposed the following idea: "Listen, Oren, why don't you keep your eyes closed and walk up these stairs again in your inner mind - just be that young boy again, who is climbing the steps in the house back then . . . what else is happening?"

"Nothing really," Oren answered in a small voice, "I'm going upstairs - and now I'm entering my room.
Then I want to go to bed . . .," he hesitated.

"And after that?," Ssel asked quietly - while he was almost imperceptibly moving his hands on Oren's body.

"Then . . . then there is nothing else . . . nothing else," Oren was just about to say - but then his voice suddenly changes to a scream:
"It is the actual Night of Power! Oh nooooo! Not that cruel pain again!"

In this instant, Ssel feels under his hands, how Oren is tensing himself up like a big metal spring - then he loses consciousness for a while.
. . .

On Rhea in the Flux-System

On the ultra-world Rhea in the Flux-System there once were two huge and mighty kingdoms.
These kingdoms were ruled by Queen Andrea Kazachok and by King David Anderson.
Now the queen had a daughter, named Princess Juliet Ming Kazachok - and the king had a son named Prince Romeo Tex Anderson. -
These two had fallen in love from heart to heart at some point - and had been engaged with each other for quite some time now.
Meanwhile the wedding was planned - soon after the young royals had achieved their maturity of age.

This wedding was supposed to be as unforgettable a celebration as possible - for all the many nations on Rhea, according to the queen's and king's special wishes.
And at the same time, the festivities were to be a milestone on the road to unity for this world - in cooperation and in peace.
Therefore, everything had been prepared and practiced in great detail, which made sure that the young bridal couple was quite relaxed on the wedding day itself.
And they did indeed look beautiful!

The princess, Juliet Ming Kazachok, appeared in a dream of white and pink - with just a touch of red, while the prince, Romeo Tex Anderson, arrived in royal blue colours throughout.

An Omen with Consequences

He wore a light-blue, wide shirt with a white neckline - and with that, dark blue, close-fitting tights. -
As it was the custom there, during that age and for this special occasion - at least at the large 'courts'. . .

This Young Happiness is just about to enter the centre of the wedding circle, a circle that is formed by the fourteen representatives of the religious traditions of Rhea.

At the same moment, all the invited guests in the largest Sacral Convention Dome in the Flux-System are eagerly and joyfully waiting for the ritual words, which the priestesses and priests of the inner and outer realms are now going to speak.

The holy words to bless the marital bond of love. -
And that princess and prince finally voice their 'Yes!' -
And that they then give this special kiss to each other. -

All this is being broadcast live! and via holo-transmission to almost every living room on Rhea and on the other populated planets in the Flux-System. -
Precisely at this historic and solemn moment, one of the little flower girls of the princess's entourage calls out - completely oblivious of herself, and without thinking of the numerous courts, the gathered crowd or the world-wide audience present. - She exclaims:
. . .


Table of Contents

Imprint 4
Summary 5
Table of Contents10
Preface - following the Apple's Scent12
On Aeon in Pegasus15
Cain and Abel - a Way for Brothers?19
Gods among themselves36
The World SYSXY48
On Mor in the More-System55
Ssel and the Underground Movement62
The Dark Ruler and the Empty Pit69
Oren's Coma73
A very special Compromise79
The Night of Power92
The Dark Ruler and his Love104
Warlords in Stasis111
Key Hangover115
Problems with the Suxul Group118
Theo on SYS(X)Y 124
Lemuria and Atlantis129
Theo and his Children on SYS(X)Y135
Eve's and Adam's Initiation142
Snakes, Figs and an Apple151
A Papyrus from Theo173
Adam goes astray178
Full Score?183
Brave new World189
Theo's Transformations197
Thea and the Suxul205
Thea, Theo and their Children209
The History of SYS(X)Y214
Theo's Shadow223
The Peace Mountains228
The GO-Signature238
An unexpected Visit248
Nilrem's Crystals261
A clarifying Evening268
On Rhea in the Flux-System278
An Omen with Consequences279
Ssel and the Wise Woman283
Bridging Dimensions288
Changing Times294
Epilogue - further on the Apple's Trail300
Additional Chapters303
The Origins of the Biblical Genesis304
The Sumerians and the Biblical Myth of Paradise332
Introduction to the additional chapter 'Peacefires'351
About the Authors364
Further Books by the Authors367
Selected Bibliography368


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